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Cassandra Triay

When I used to think of Crossfit all that sprung to mind were opinions like:

There’s no way I could do that

I’m too intimidated by the athleticism of these people- I’d never fit in.

Like most damaging thoughts do, I continued to restrict my own potential simply because I had become comfortable with the idea of failure before trying. As I entered my mid-twenties, I became more insecure with my body and exhausted with the countless hours applied on my local gym’s hamster wheel. I was at a physical standstill not losing weight. My redundant workout routine had me upset, bored, uninspired and ready to quit on myself yet again. I was influenced by my cousin that the solution to my problems was Crossfit.

I gave myself one shot to test the waters and on day one I was warmly welcomed by a sincere smile and firm handshake from Coach Ivan Hernandez. I faced and defeated my first WOD (workout of the day) that very same night. It was not your typical every man for himself-gym session, but an everyone for each other kind of team environment; I felt energized, and challenged for the first time!

The people who were strangers turned in to my supportive community which quickly evolved in to family. No longer alone to face physical impossibilities my box helped turn my “I can’t” in to I can! I began lifting, building endurance, forming friendships and discovered new exercises that I genuinely enjoyed doing. I am not the fastest runner, I am not thin, I get tried, I sweat, sometimes its not easy, but I am dedicated, I am learning, I am becoming quicker, and for the first time I know I am strong! I have been involved in Crossfit with Ivan as my Coach/ family for over a year and I could not envision having a different physical outlet that makes me feel so whole.

Cassandra Triay | 26 years old | Chino, California

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