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Patti Torres

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Patti Torres (57)


I am a 57 yr old lady who does (modified) Crossfit at LTS.

Truthfully, I was looking for something with maximum benefits for minimum time spent and that is Crossfit!  However, it requires maximum effort for the time you are there. It is hard but I can do it!!

Ivan assessed my ability level and that’s where I started. I compete with no one but myself.  Ivan showed me how to track my progress and it is the best feeling knowing my pain now comes from strength and no longer from old age, inactivity, immobility! At LTS Crossfit everyone around you is supportive and admires each other for their effort at all levels of ability – you can’t go wrong here!

LTS Crossfit has a safe and secure kids room so bring your kids or grandkids. You can see them while you work out and more importantly they will see you doing one of the two best things anyone can do for themselves – EXERCISE!

(The other one is to volunteer)


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